Siuntio VetsR-kioskiOnline: Aalto

Save animals, save materials, save the planet

by Siuntio Vets

The Sjundeå Veterinary clinics (Siuntion Eläinlääkärit) is where all types of animals, from hamsters to horses, can find help. Now the company wants to take climate action as well: Solar panels have been installed, and veterinary field visits will soon be made by electric vehicles. But what to do with all the material waste, is there a way to minimize it? Siuntion Eläinlääkärit is challenging you to figure this out. Help this small company become the revolutionizer of an entire industry!

🏆 Prize: 400€ for the winning team 🏆

R-kioski for the future - convenience in a better tomorrow

by R-kioski

Are you looking for a snack on the go or the best takeaway coffee? Let R-kioski’s yellow store sign light the way! Now R-kioski wants to light the way towards a more sustainable future by stepping towards Green IT. Join R-kioski on this journey and take on their challenge! For this challenge we are looking for creative innovators who understand systems of cause and effect, and who like to think outside the box. If this describes you, choose the R-kioski challenge at Shomo 2022!

🏆 Prize: 350€ gift card per member in the winning team 🏆

Nudge students to push for change

by Aalto Solutions for Sustainability


Aalto is striving to become a carbon neutral campus by 2030. This goal cannot be reached without having the main users of the campus, the students, onboard. The Aalto Solutions for Sustainability group is now challenging you to figure out how to nurture sustainable thinking and acting on campus. Help students become the masters of change and take on the Aalto Solutions for Sustainability (online) challenge at Showdown Morrow 2022!

🏆 Prize: 100€ gift card per member in the winning team 🏆