SHOMO 7-8.5.2022

@Startup Sauna, Otaniemi

Sustainability theme of Shomo2022: Climate and environment

Expert talks

Shomo is a vibrant event with many things happening in parallel. On Saturday 7.5, the event will start with talks by sustainability experts in Startup Sauna. This part of the event is FREE of charge and OPEN to everyone interested!

So join us at Startup Sauna on Saturday at 11.00-13.00 to learn about the speakers' interesting perspectives on sustainability.

Saturday 7.5

10:50          Opening words
11:00-11:20    Amanda Pasanen
11:30-11:50    Stephany Buenrostro Mazon
12:00-12:20    Viktor Pál
12:30-12:50    Andy Matias
13:00-         Ville Raasakka

Scroll down for more information about the speakers and the topics.
Vegan hot dogs will be served to everyone in the end of the talks!

Nota bene: Startup Sauna will close for all but ideathon participants after the talks.

Challenges 2022
The Showdown Morrow challenges give our participants a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with working on sustainability issues. Participants get to practice creative and innovative problem solving while making concrete and impactful change. The challenges will be solved in multidisciplinary teams and will touch upon multidisciplinary topics. No previous experience in sustainability work is needed, but an open mind and a creative approach is appreciated!

Right before the event, a teaser video for each challenge will be published, providing further information about the challenge. At the event, participants will have an opportunity to ask further questions they may have from our company representatives. Participants will then independently choose a team and a challenge. After that - it’s crunch time!

The crunching can be done on site, our company representatives and Shomo team will be there to guide you, should you have any questions. If you need a break or a place to ponder, the Baltic Sea Room will be available for you. Here you can find sound installations, comfortable sitting and inspiring documentaries.

Save animals, save materials, save the planet

The Sjundeå Veterinary clinics (Siuntion Eläinlääkärit) is where all types of animals, from hamsters to horses, can find help. Now the company wants to take climate action as well: Solar panels have been installed, and veterinary field visits will soon be made by electric vehicles. But what to do with all the material waste, is there a way to minimize it? Siuntion Eläinlääkärit is challenging you to figure this out. Help this small company become the revolutionizer of an entire industry!

🏆 Prize: 400€ for the winning team

R-kioski for the future - Convenience in a better tomorrow

Are you looking for a snack on the go or the best takeaway coffee? Let R-kioski’s yellow store sign light the way! Now R-kioski wants to light the way towards a more sustainable future by stepping towards Green IT. Join R-kioski on this journey and take on their challenge! For this challenge we are looking for creative innovators who understand systems of cause and effect, and who like to think outside the box. If this describes you, choose the R-kioski challenge at Shomo 2022!

🏆 Prize: 350€ gift card per person in the winning team

Aalto Solutions for Sustainability - Nudge students to push for change

Aalto is striving to become a carbon neutral campus by 2030. This goal cannot be reached without having the main users of the campus, the students, onboard. The Aalto Solutions for Sustainability group is now challenging you to figure out how to nurture sustainable thinking and acting on campus. Help students become the masters of change and take on the Aalto Solutions for Sustainability (online) challenge at Showdown Morrow 2022!

🏆 Prize: 100€ gift card per person in the winning team

Speakers 2022

Amanda Pasanen

Amanda Pasanen is the vice-chair of the green city council group in Helsinki and a member of the party board of the Greens. She is passionate about environmental and climate politics and wants to make Finland the world's first carbon neutral welfare state and a forerunner in climate politics. Pasanen is also a Masters' student in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability at the University of Helsinki.

How to deal with inadequacy while working with climate change and sustainability transitions

Amanda will talk about how to work and cope with difficult topics like climate change from a personal perspective.

Viktor Pál

Viktor Pál is the Title of Docent at the University of Tampere, Finland. He also serves as Coordinator at the Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub.

Historical perspectives on sustainability challenges

Twentieth century societies committed terrible ecological crimes while pursuing extensive and rapid economic growth. However, several states also developed and employed complex systems which promoted sustainability. Why did sustainability always lose to economic growth in the past? Based on history can we maintain that economic growth and sustainability is to be reached simultaneously? This talk will address these questions by showing how agents of the state, capitalism and science acted toward the natural environment in the past century.

Stephany Buenrostro Mazon

“Give society the tools, and they will build the world they want to see tomorrow” is Stephany Mazon’s motto.Stephany has a PhD in atmospheric science from the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) of the University of Helsinki. She is currently Research and Communications Coordinator at INAR and the new national flagship, the Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC), and serves as Science Officer for the Future Earth Finland (part of the global Future Earth network for sustainability and innovation). She works on projects tackling environmental challenges by combining research, science communications, science for decision-making and education. Her passion for storytelling has inspired her to find platforms for science outside academia, such as leading an urban art project to take science to the streets of Helsinki, and has given a TEDxHelsinkiUniversity talk on the importance of science communication.

Planetary health

To solve climate change, biodiversity and human health challenges, we can no longer work in silos. This is what Planetary Health is telling us. Now is a time of togetherness. We need to co-design knowledge-based solutions through an inclusive representation of researchers and sectors of society.

Ville Raasakka

Ville Raasakka is a Finnish composer based in Helsinki. He works with ecology and environmental sounds. His compositional practice ranges from chamber to orchestral music, from electronic music to installation, and from contemporary dance to opera. 

His works are performed by the Klangforum Wien (Vienna), the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, der/gelbe/klang (Munich), Mise-en Ensemble (New York), Dal Niente (Chicago), Ensemble Lemniscate (Basel) and the Finnish Baroque Orchestra at the most esteemed festivals. 

Raasakka is currently pursuing a doctoral degree on ecological composition at the Sibelius Academy where he also teaches composition at master’s level. He runs the Klang concert series at the Helsinki Music Centre and performs in the Earth Ears Ensemble.

Material Ecology and Musical Sound

Coal, oil and wood in sound art and concert music. Materiality and proximity of sound as means of presenting ecological cases and engaging ecological discussions in contemporary concert culture.

Andy Matias

Andy has a background in Film, photography and design. He has worked at production companies in Los Angeles and with global brands in New York City. In 2016, he moved to Finland to focus on sustainability and has helped startups & SMEs to build impactful sustainability offers.

Design, tech and climate/environment


Ingrid Enckell

“Sustainability is extremely important to me and I think that everyone should strive to take at least one climate action every day, whether it is to take the bus instead of the car or to buy locally produced products in the grocery store. Even the small things make a difference in the big picture.” 🌻🌻

Sponsors 2022

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Did you know that we made a video series?

To prepare for the event 2020, we produced a series of short videos about participating in a hackathon*. The videos are made to give tips of what to think of and how to be the best you can be when participating in a hackathon*.

*Showdown Morrow is an ideathon, not a hackathon since we are focused on coming up with ideas, concepts and solutions instead of programming a product (as in a traditional hackathon). However, the information in the videos below still apply. :)